Diana Montalion

Resistant rearranger of things

The (April) Fool's Journey Begins

| 01 April 2019

Today begins my 90-day commitment to daily publishing. People adopt this practice to build their blogs. That is not my primary goal. I do hope the too-meager content I share will blossom. I do hope to finish the book faster and improve the quality of my talks at upcoming events. My primary goal though, is to get tf out from under the weight of my own resistance.

Image credit: from the Everyday Tarot Deck at Biddy Tarot

A psychological cement slab presses down on my daily work, damning up the flow of shared ideas, insights, or whatever I’m trying to create. I work from behind it, from under it. Every day I tremble and push up on the weight. Some days, I avoid it by Being Busy, putting my fingers in my ears “la lalala lala”. I negotiate with myself. I bribe. I delude. I apply willpower, succeed! Then I can’t sustain my achievement because the reality is, I can’t move that damn weight.

The slab has built up over time. Perfectionism mixes in. Almost everyone, I suspect, struggles with this. The weight of the world pushing back on you, one comment at a time. Women who think independently absolutely know what I’m talking about. You can’t push back forever, its exhausting.

So I’ve created a new strategy – raise my inner water level. Fill my wellspring with strongly-supported daily publishing until that concrete slab rises up and floats away. Or becomes underwater art, a sunken wreckage. I can dive down and visit it when I’m feeling historical.

I have three rules: publish every day for 90 days, a minimum of 250 words, include a photo. I eat 250 words for breakfast.

Publishing on a single digital space would be counterproductive - I don’t have a well-crafted blog post or a professional article ready to share every day. I can write a book review though, or a movie or restaurant or product review. I can create a short video. Craft a serious argument about an important issue or tell a funny story. Publish a system model and share how I made it. Post a recipe or a step-by-step description of how I stumbled through a project like building garden beds or sewing my first dress. Lists, oh, I love publishing lists. Maybe I’ll publish a twitter thread that gets made into a movie. I can write a song. I’ve never written a song but I could try it!

Want to join in? I’d love company. Contact me or send a tweet.