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Thank you for visiting. Here are some current iniatives, updated from time to time. Are we connected on Twitter? I'd love to see what you are working on.

Every month, Architecting Enterprise supports readers in their never-ending quest to unite people, technology and reality. We focus on strategic thinking, integration leadership, building trust, argumentation and mapping the collaborative journey. Our goal is to improve business-critical technology by improving the way people think about systems.

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Mentrix Group delivers system design, solution architecture, web engineering and strategic consulting to clients in transformation. As Principal, I bring together experienced people who provide the right expertise to each initiative. As architect, I create useable, valuable tools that deliver insight-driven results. Visit Mentrix


2019 is the year of returning to my roots -- speaking and strategic publishing in my professional community. I hope to see you at an event!



I write, by hand, for an hour every morning. Join me! Here are some writing prompts and other support for the practice.


Flavor Flavour

My husband and I are launching a blog about mostly-local, plant-based cooking. Also, travel, growing our own vegetables and training doggos. Coming soon!

Book: Content Systems Architecture

Two colleagues and I are literally writing the book on content management systems. More info in late 2019.