Diana Montalion

As founder of Mentrix and a systems architect, I design and transform information systems.
My mission is to help individuals, technology teams and organizations develop critical thinking and systems design skills in an increasingly complex world.


My career is a journey -- discovering pathways in the vast, entangled jungle of information systems. I map the terrain by collaboratively engaging fellow adventurers to improve the way we think and work. Experimenting with tools and practices. Designing talks and hands-on learning experiences that enable and empower essential skills. And, of course, communicating and delivering impactful software systems. Here's some of my work to explore:


I've worked on technology initiatives for 20+ years, playing a variety of implementation and leadership roles with organizations you'd recognize.
Regardless of my role, I am always designing and building information systems. Increasingly, my focus in on developing learning spaces, collaborative experiences and inspiring resources. I want to help people design better systems and avoid ... whatever horribleness waits at the end of our current trajectory.


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